Boseman Heritage Flannel Shirt


If you haven’t worn one of these heritage flannels, you’ve been settling. “High quality” flannel garments usually weigh around 6.5 oz per cubic yard, and most retailers outsource their design. Not Grayers. This heritage flannel tips the scales at a whopping 8.7 oz. per yard.

After weaving into the yarn dyed patterns, Grayers finished the process with an over-dye tint. They design all of our own patterns and plaids, and they weave their own fabric. Why? So that they can bring you the softest heather-brushed twill you will ever hold, in a garment that will last you a lifetime, maybe two. That’s what they call heritage. Designed to mellow over time.

  • 2 button through flap pockets
  • Finished with a chambray yoke, cuffs and placket
  • Fisheye buttons
  • Grayers signature Modern Fit
  • 100% Cotton woven into a premium durable twill